Part 1 – What Kind of Leader Leaves a Legacy?

Janette drivingI thought about how I might kick off this blog and realized that I really didn’t want to use any catch phrases or quotes that I had heard in the past.  I really wanted to make sure that whoever read this blog understood what it really took to leave a legacy since it’s not an easy task.  That way they’re equipped to immediately apply the knowledge.  Well, check out the start of my List of Must Haves below.  I will continue to blog about this topic as I continue to learn even more new things myself.  Note that some Must Haves may show up in other blogs too.

How many of you know that we are all constantly learning and growing everyday and we never truly arrive?  Most successful leaders ensure that they connect with knowledgeable people and never stop acquiring knowledge on their own.  At least, they can’t if they truly want to stay ahead of their competition.  You know, I really like the new feature on Facebook where you can click on the floating bubble to access a message instantly from a friend.  Pretty cool!

After the death of  Steve Job’s, many learned of his work ethic and innovative mind.  So most now know that he was constantly innovating.  Successful leaders are always thinking of the next best thing that will change the world.  However, they are often misunderstood since they are normally not concerned with popularity.

Must Haves

  1. Humility is a must have if you want to leave a legacy.  People have to be at the forefront of your thinking when planning and executing.  It is one of the most memorable traits a leader can have that won’t make him or her forgettable.
  2. If you’ve ever had a mentor, I’m sure you’ve heard them say, “Don’t worry about getting promoted, it will come.  Just get the work done.”  Well this is a true statement.  You really shouldn’t only focus on moving to next level, it will contribute to your demise.  If it gets out, it will be what you will become known for across your department or company.  This reputation is difficult to shake.
  3. One of my favorite must haves is that a leader must know when an idea’s time has or has not come.  People will either embrace the idea or dismiss it.   It’s important to recognize your audience.  They may not be ready for your bright idea, and you may have to put it on hold for them.  But this does not mean that it goes away, since there will always be other options.
  4. The final must have for this blog is that you actually have to leave, in order to leave a legacy.  Sometimes your vision won’t evolve until after you’ve gone.  Meaning, once you leave a deposit, people are more apt to learn more about what you’ve left behind when they are forced to do so.  The unfortunate part for both the leader and company is that they don’t realize his or her greatness until after they are gone.

More Must Haves will continue in my next blog on “What Kind of Leader Leaves a Legacy”.  I hope this was helpful.

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