BlogPad Pro – iPad Blogging

Peace.JPGI may be late to the party but Version 1.3 of BlogPad Pro was recently released and it’s packed with great features. I used it to write this blog as my first test. If you’re an avid iPad user like me, you’re gonna want this App. I had been searching for an App to manage my new WordPress Blog and finally found it.  I use my iPad way more than my laptop and like to write as soon as the spirit moves me, if you know what I mean.

BlogPad Pro is pretty intuitive. I spent less than 5 minutes reading the tutorial and off I went! This is going to be great for when I’m traveling. I won’t have to load my laptop at all.  As stated in my previous post about building my web site, and now blog site, I will continue to share my learnings along the way for those that are new to these processes.  It’s just another way for me to help those leaders out there striving to pursue their dreams as well as leave legacies.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I welcome your feedback.  Would love to hear it!  By the way, the picture has absolutely nothing to do with my blog…as I stated this is just a test and I loved the pic ;).


3 thoughts on “BlogPad Pro – iPad Blogging

    • Hi Eric – I’m used to using the keyboard on my iPad so that’s all I use. I had an Apple iPad keyboard that I ended up giving away for lack of use. I’d recommend it because I appreciate the quality of Apple’s products. However, note I’m also an iPerson ;).


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